A Teaser from Play Dirty 2: Even Dirtier

Try building Batman in any superhero game. Include all his skills, contacts, wealth, the Batmobiles (he always has at least three), the gadgets, the mansion, the faithful butler, the detective skills, the physical combat training and the Batcomputer. And don’t forget Robin and Oracle and Commissioner Gordon and any other ally he has to find a way to pay for. That includes the Justice League, by the way.

Batman is a damn expensive character. He’s hyper competent. He stopped a whole damn Martian invasion by himself. He represents hundreds—if not thousands—of experience points. But, for some reason, writers find compelling ways to get him into trouble. Is it because they’re taxing his physical skills? No. Is it because the present him with puzzles he can’t overcome? No. Is it because they take away his Batcave and Batmobile and Batcomputer? No.

It’s because Bruce Wayne made a promise over the grave of his dead parents. And screwing with that promise is the way to screw with Batman.