Ahoy, 7th Sea Fans!

This page contains the current production schedule for the 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest news about each part of the project, so check back often if you want to keep up to date!


All of our sourcebooks go through the same stages on the way to the printer. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Outlining: we’re working out the basic structure of the book, including new mechanics, Nations, and other setting materials.
  2. Writing: all of our writers are hard at work constructing the text!
  3. Dev Editing: our editors have 80%+ of the text and are working to refine it.
  4. Copy Editing: the text is done; copy editors are working to refine the text.
  5. Layout: our layout staff is working to layout the book and the art alongside it.
  6. Proofing: our proofers are looking over the book to catch any final errors.
  7. At Printer: we’ve sent the files over to the printer; we’ll ship them soon!

With that list in mind, here’s where we are with all of the 7th Sea sourcebooks, including the estimated PDF release date. Once a book is released on PDF, we expect to have it in the mail to you all within six weeks (which means however long it takes to come back from the printer). Here’s where we stand with our promised sourcebooks:

  • 7th Sea Core Rulebook – Status: COMPLETE
  • Heroes & Villains – Status: COMPLETE
  • Pirate Nations – Status: At Printer
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 1 – Status: At Printer, Estimated PDF Delivery: March 2017
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 2 – Status: Layout, Estimated PDF Delivery: April 2017
  • The New World – Status: Dev Editing, Estimated PDF Delivery: May 2017
  • The Crescent Empire – Status: Copy Editing, Estimated PDF Delivery: May 2017
  • Lands of Gold and Fire – Status: Dev Editing, Estimated PDF Delivery: June 2017
  • The Colonies – Status: Writing, Estimated PDF Delivery: Quarter 2, 2017
  • Secret Societies – Status: Writing, Estimated PDF Delivery: Quarter 2, 2017
  • Cities of Faith – Status: Writing, Estimated PDF Delivery:Quarter 3, 2017
  • Cities of Wonder – Status: On Hold, Estimated PDF Delivery: Quarter 3, 2017


Unlike books, our accessories have a less straightforward production process. Some of them need dev editing and copy editing, while others just need us to look over samples from the factory. Here’s the update for all the accessories for the Kickstarter:

Basic Rules – Status: COMPLETE

Songs of the 7th Sea – Status: COMPLETE

Pirate’s Booty (all items below included), Estimated Delivery: April 2017

  • 7th Sea Dice – Status: At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017
  • Hero Points – Status:At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017
  • Deck of Heroes – Status: At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017
  • Deck of Villains – Status: At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017
  • Sorte Deck – Status: At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017

GM Screen – Status: At Printer, Estimated Delivery: April 2017

Storium World – Status: Copy Editing, Estimated Delivery: March 2017

Maps – Status: On Hold, Estimated Delivery: Quarter 2, 2017


John is hard at work on the three promised novels from the Kickstarter campaign. Unlike sourcebooks, novel layout is fairly simple, so expect us to move from final dev edits/copy edits to a final text fairly quickly. We’ll ship out the books to backers who ordered physical copies roughly a month after we release the books electronically.

  • Daughter of Fate, Status: Proofing, Estimated Electronic Delivery: March 2017
  • Born Under a Black Flag, Status: Dev Editing, Estimated Electronic Delivery: April 2017
  • The Gossamer Empire, Status: Writing, Estimated Electronic Delivery: TBA