I love conventions. I run seminars, run games, play games, MC events, run auctions and just about anything else you ask me to do. I once sat in a charity dunking booth for an hour wearing a t-shirt that said, “YOUR FAVORITE GAME SUCKS.” We raised a lot of money that day.

If you want me at your convention, just let me know (contact form below).

PAX East (March 2017)

March 10-12, Boston, MA

I won’t be there in person, but the JWP crew will be attending PAX East with a large booth for books and games. Join us to play the upcoming 7th Sea board game, War of the Cross.

Chupacabracon (May 2017)

May 12-14, Austin, TX

This will be my third time at Cupacabracon. A great meet up with tons of professionals. Check it out here!

NewMexiCon (April 2017)

April 21-23, Albuquerque, NM

Join me for a weekendWebsite here.

Origins (June 2017)

June 14-18, Columbus, OH

Find out more here.

GenCon (Aug 2017)

August 17-20, Indianapolis, IN

The Big One! You can find out more here!

RinCon (Sept/Oct 2017)

RinCon website here.

The Continuum (October 2017)

October 13-15, Detroit, Michigan

A weekend-long convention celebrating sci-fi, fantasy, music, literature, and gaming. Website here.

Questions or comments about convention appearances? Contact me here!