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The Aegis Project
In the middle of the 30th Century, the discovery of interstellar travel allowed mankind to spread its reach to the stars. At the end of the 40th Century, mankind had its first contact with alien life. By the beginning of the 50th Century, mankind was an endangered species.

– Ubamé Vills, The Rise and Fall of Humanity

Inspired by a request to make a “gritty 80’s mech game,” The Aegis Project includes rules for three very different different eras spanning five centuries. Three different settings with distinct feels and rules.

The First Era

Mankind develops “Aegis Armor” to defend itself against an alien enemy bent on human extinction.

The Second Era

A brutal civil war divides mankind threatening everything he has gained.

The Third Era

A dark covert war against an AI enemy who will either uplift man or destroy him.

When you run out of food, when you run out of bullets, when you run out of bandages, all you have left is hope. Kill a man’s hope and you win the war. 
– Taven Shaval, Rebellion Leader of Olume V Colony

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The Aegis Project: Repairs

I have no idea if this is going to work.

My favorite character on Star Trek has always been Scotty. I loved the Heroic Engineer archetype. I also love the drama of racing to make repairs. "I've got to have more time!"

How do you replicate that in a roleplaying game? It's rather boring waiting each round to make a repair check. Wait, wait, wait… make my roll. Did I make it? Okay. Wait, wait, wait…

But what if repair checks were made in real time…

I have no idea if this is gonna work.


Any attempts to repair systems must be done in real time. Repairs don’t take place over the course of rounds, but with players desperately trying to bring systems back online.

To repair a system, you must repair the Damage done to that system. In order to do that, you must make a series of repair risks.

To repair a point of Damage, you must roll a number of dice equal to your Operations + (appropriate) Repair Specialty. Every bang you get brings you one step closer to repairing the damaged system. For every point of Damage, you need five bangs to repair it.

Remember: repair risks are done in real time. You don’t need to wait every round to make a repair. However, while you are making repairs, you cannot take any other action. 

The Aegis Project: Communication

This is something I just wrote for the Battle System from The Aegis Project. It's literally something I just wrote down. I haven't refined it, edited it or even thought that much about it. The idea hit me and I typed it. But if you are interested in watching the progress of an idea to a mechanic, this is the place to start.

Before we begin, a little discussion about one of the biggest problems in battle. That’s communication. If you look at any battle in the history of mankind, the greatest obstacle has always been communication. Miscommunication has been the downfall of every great general. You are not immune to this truth.
Whenever Command issues orders, he tells them to the highest-ranking character only. You can do this by whispering to the player. The player may ask you to repeat the information (“Say again, sir?”) but he only gets one repeat. After that, he must inform his troops the information he’s been given by memory alone.
(I might allow a character to write down a number of words equal to his Grit.)
I also suggest using the following technique. Whenever players pass orders or information to each other, they must change one noun or verb from the orders they were given.