Blood & Honor Standard Edition Pre-Orders Now at John Wick Presents!

 As Blood & Honor Special Edition goes to the printers, the Standard Edition is now available for pre-order! $5 discount until September 1st!

Get yours now!

After ten years, John Wick has returned to the world of samurai!

Blood & Honor: Samurai Tragedy in Old Japan is a new way to tell stories of honor and steel!

This is STANDARD EDITION version of Blood & Honor. We are accepting pre-orders for this book. Books will ship at the beginning of September. All pre-orders receive a $5 discount. Book will be full-price on September 1st.

Blood & Honor includes:

  • Black & White
  • Softcover
  • 170 Fully Illustrated Pages
  • Rules for Creating Both Clans and Characters
  • Task Resolution that allows Player Narration
  • A New System for Duels and War
  • Magic and Religion from Old Japan
  • Streamlined Seasons System for Long-Term Goals
  • Chapters Devoted to Player and Narrator Advice
  • Free PDF download

JWP Update

 The printer (who shall remain nameless unless something happens by Tuesday) has dropped the ball on Blood & Honor. We were expecting a proof two weeks ago. It has not arrived. My contact at the printer is gone for today and the rest of the weekend after promising me I’d see the proof last Wednesday. Well, it’s Friday. No proof. So, I left a voice message for her with various angry threats. We’ll see what happens on Monday.

As soon as the proof comes in, I can approve the mass printings of the Limited Edition and put the Standard Edition up for sale on the website. So, hopefully, on Tuesday, I’ll be able to show you the book in full color video. Otherwise, lots of angry noises and the dropping of names.

In other news, over here at JWP, we’ve been working on something an experiment. More on that later…

Blood & Honor Update

The pre-orders are finished. Now, comes the last part of the work.

All the edits, corrections and additions are in place. Jessica is finishing up the layout today.

Next week (hopefully), we send it to the printer. They send us a proof copy to approve. If all goes well, we’ll give it the thumbs up and printing begins. That should take a week.

Then, we have a signing/packing party. I sign all the books and we ship them out to you.

LAYOUT: Finished this week.
PRINTING: Finished in two weeks.

Books should be shipping to the purchasers in about three to four weeks.