Sail, me hearties, and treasure what good luck you find.

We’re thrilled to announce the PDF release of Pirate Nations, the second sourcebook in the 7th Sea: Second Edition line.

Pirate Nations is packed full of new source material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new Backgrounds, Advantages, Stories, Sorceries, and five new Pirate Nations:

  • Numa, the land where legends were born and never left
  • La Bucca, the once-prison island turned headquarters for international intrigue
  • The Atabean Islands, where the ghosts of Rahuri ancestors sail alongside native peoples
  • Aragosta, home of the Brotherhood of the Coast and a pirate paradise
  • Jaragua, self-liberated slave colony and home of a new Sorcery called Kap Sevi

Pirate Nations also includes new setting materials for 7th Sea featuring the Devil Jonah, the dreaded Reis and Theah’s first multinational, the Atabean Trading Company. There be adventure aplenty in these lands, more than any one crew can hope to see in a lifetime.

Click here to buy the Pirate Nations PDF on DriveThruRPG.

Looking for the core rulebook? You can pick up a hardcover here, or find the PDF on DriveThru.

7th Sea Pirate Nations Has Sailed Into Port
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