This is something I just wrote for the Battle System from The Aegis Project. It's literally something I just wrote down. I haven't refined it, edited it or even thought that much about it. The idea hit me and I typed it. But if you are interested in watching the progress of an idea to a mechanic, this is the place to start.

Before we begin, a little discussion about one of the biggest problems in battle. That’s communication. If you look at any battle in the history of mankind, the greatest obstacle has always been communication. Miscommunication has been the downfall of every great general. You are not immune to this truth.
Whenever Command issues orders, he tells them to the highest-ranking character only. You can do this by whispering to the player. The player may ask you to repeat the information (“Say again, sir?”) but he only gets one repeat. After that, he must inform his troops the information he’s been given by memory alone.
(I might allow a character to write down a number of words equal to his Grit.)
I also suggest using the following technique. Whenever players pass orders or information to each other, they must change one noun or verb from the orders they were given.

The Aegis Project: Communication
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