Okay, cut text for all those not interested. But here’s what I’ve been working on while I took a quick writing break from Houses. (I needed it. 150,000 words for Eris’ sake).


Get a deck of cards. Then, get sheets and write down the following questions:

·        Who am I?

·        When did I Awaken?

·        What is My Gift?

·        What is My Curse?

·        What is My Motivation?

Who am I?

Think of a normal, everyday person. Someone walking the streets. A cop. A lawyer. A sanitation engineer. A college student. A little boy. A stay at home mom. Someone who has no idea who they are. Who they truly are. Write that down on your character sheet.

When did I Awaken?

The Gift and Curse are only awakened when you come into contact with another Child of the Mirror. Think of when that happened. Write that down on your character sheet.

What is My Gift?

Now, draw a card. Any card. Pull a card and leave it out of the deck. Then, pass it on to the other players, each drawing one card. Keep your draws out of the deck. This way, no-one will have the same draw. Every player draws until every player has one card. Then, look at the chart below to determine your Gift. Then, put all the cards back.

What is My Curse?

Now, draw a card. Any card. This determines your Curse. Pull a card and leave it out of the deck. Then, pass it on to the other players, each drawing one card. Just like above. Look at the chart for Curses and determine your Curse. Then, put all the cards back.

What is My Motivation?

Choose a single word or phrase that expresses what motivates you most. “Revenge,” “Love of my children,” “Justice,” “Protect the innocent.” Just one.


Whenever you invoke a Gift, your character’s eyes turn pitch black. All those around him feel wrong. Sick. Like someone just walked over their grave.

3D Senses

You have a kind of three-dimensional sense that allows you to know everything that’s around you. Like a radar, three hundred and sixty degrees. All the time. No-one can surprise you.


You do not age. There’s really no telling how old you are. Characters with this Gift are usually quite old and may have two more “Who Are You?” answers on their sheet. You do not have any extra healing abilities, just the Gift that you never age.

Animal Speak

You can speak with any animal that is capable of verbal speech. Cats, dogs, birds, monkeys, whatever. If it has vocal cords, you can talk to it.


You can sense the weakest point in any object or person. That bad knee. The loose joint. You know where things break.


Your mind is always active, always aware, always thinking. Always two steps ahead. You gain one automatic slammer for any risk and you can always use your slammers first.


Luck is on your side. Always draw one additional card for any risk.


People just like you. Exert this Gift to make any other character agree with you.


Your fingernails can rip through flesh and bone. Not metal.


You can create a duplicate of yourself. A walking, talking duplicate. Be warned. Your duplicate may have its own agendas. You can also dispel your duplicate at will.


You can freeze any object large enough for you to hold with one hand. It must be within your line of sight. It instantly freezes to 150 degrees below zero.


With a moment of concentration, you summon an inky black cloud that surrounds you and fills up the room. No-one can see through it but you.


You can change your molecular density at will. You may turn yourself incredibly heavy or completely intangible, passing through objects. You cannot turn parts of yourself heavy or intangible. All or nothing.


You can completely destroy any object you can touch. You may only destroy inanimate objects. For objects you can hold in your hands, the disintegration is immediate. You cannot disintegrate larger objects, but you can make holes in them, burning your hands through.


You store electricity and can release it at will. You can only release electricity through touch—you cannot “throw bolts”—but, for example, you can put your hand in water and release a large enough electrical charge to fry skulls.


You can sense the emotions of individuals and of small groups. You can also push those emotions in a direction of your pleasing. You cannot alter thoughts or memories, but you can make people happy, angry, depressed, terrified, etc.


Name a thing. Any thing. You can find it. You know the most direct route to find it. Even if that thing is “money,” or “gold” or “my ex-girlfriend.” You know exactly where it is.


You can create fires with sheer will. manipulate fire. Fire also has no affect on you.


You can create a large flash of blinding light. Any looking at you are stunned for at least ten seconds.


That’s right. Go on. Jump off the building. You can fly. You can’t break the speed of sound, but you can fly.

Force Field

You can generate a force field around yourself, keeping out all physical objects. Unfortunately, this also means oxygen. You can only maintain the field as long as you don’t need to breathe.


You can make others forget up to 24 hours of their lives. Even a single moment. Even an entire day.


Your power assists others, giving them healing and hope. While in your presence, others may not be affected by any Gifts that steal or rob or injure another. You are still vulnerable to such attacks, but put your hand on someone else, and they are not.


You heal from all injuries except from a single source of injury. Fire, electricity, etc. You pick. And don’t pick something like “sand from Venus.” Nobody likes playing with that guy. Except the Venusian beach volleyball team. Go play with them.

Heightened Senses

You can hear, taste, smell, feel and see better than most every creature on Earth. You can even determine fine details. Singular scents, identifying ingredients in foods, etc.


You can change the appearance of one thing—including yourself. You cannot change its size or weight, but you can fool someone into thinking it is something it is not, just as long as the two things are similar enough.


You can turn invisible. Unfortunately, while invisible, you also cannot see. While invisible, anything you carry with you is also invisible. Your clothes, your purse, a gun. Not a person.

Iron Will

You can resist any Blessing that forces you to act against your will. You are also immune to the effects of mind-altering drugs and anything else that may inhibit your will. Including fear.

Machine Speak

You can talk to any machine that requires memory.


You can attract and repel items made of metal. Even crush them if you spend enough time and effort.


You never forget a face. In fact, you never forget anything. In fact, you don’t even need to memorize. Anything you see, you automatically remember.


You can mimic any physical action you see with perfect ease and grace.

Mind Weapon

You may kill with your mind. A single thought (“Die!”) will cause another to drop dead for no apparent reason.


You can pick up on the thoughts of others. All you need to do is get within touching distance and you can read their mind.


No Blessing works while in your presence. As long as you can see them, their Blessing doesn’t work.

Plant Speak

You can communicate with any living plant. You cannot speak to individual fruit or vegetables—like the apple on the counter; that’s dead—but you can talk to apple trees.


You receive flashes of insight before dangerous or opportune moments occur. Whenever something of that description happens, you may play a face card from your hand to describe exactly where you were a moment before it happened. You can play another face card to act before the moment occurs, but you cannot stop, halt, or hinder the action.


You can project your mind outside of your body. Your projected form experiences the world normally, but your body appears to be asleep. Your body will not move unless your spirit returns. If your body is injured, you immediately return to it.


You can look another character in the eye and make a single demand that they must follow, regardless of their own safety or the safety of others.


Turn it on and they turn on. Anyone. They just can’t resist.

Shut Down

If you touch it, it stops. A computer. A car. A human heart. It just turns off.


You are fast. No, faster than that. You move so fast, people don’t see you move. You do leave behind tell-tale signs of movement, however, including swishing papers, dust trails, a burst of wind, etc.


How strong are you? You can pick up a car. That strong. You can break bones in your grip, bend steel bars, punch through concrete. You’re that strong.


You can manipulate small objects with your mind. The objects must be small enough to find in one hand. You must also be able to see the object. You can’t manipulate something you can’t see. The objects move at the rate you wish; you can “throw” objects if you like.

Three Steps

Close your eyes, hold your breath, and take three steps. You are now anywhere else in the world, just as long as you’ve been there before. In order to use your power, you must be able to hold your breath and take three steps.


You don’t feel pain. Not an ounce of it. You still get injured, you just don’t feel pain.


You can turn any basic element into any other basic element. Just consult the element table. Lead to gold? Check. Silver to mercury? Check. Oxygen to Co2? No. Co2 is a compound element. No luck there. But you can change oxygen to mercury.


You suck the life out of others. Just touch them and watch their energies fade. They turn into withered corpses. Nothing left. Takes only ten seconds.


If you draw an Ace, have a Gift but no Curse.


Put this card aside and draw two more cards. You have two Gifts. You’ve murdered for one of them.


Whenever you confront your Curse, your eyes turn blood red. Everyone around you feels cold. Frightened. A knife along the throat.

Any player can drop a card to invoke your Curse. He must drop the correct suit. You must obey your Curse. You have no choice. The only way to dismiss your Curse is following its course to the inevitable end.

The four Curses are: Hate (clubs), Lust (hearts), Greed (diamonds), and Fear (spades).

You must destroy what you Hate. If you see it, it must be destroyed. Killed. Murdered. Obliterated.

You must submit to what you Lust. You must acquiesce to its wants. You must appease it. You must win its favor.

You must satisfy your Greed. If you want it, you must take it. Make it your own.

You must run from what you Fear. It will destroy you. Once and for all.

Wicked Heroes: Character Creation