From the Origins Award-Winning Author of Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea and Houses of the Blooded

For years, John Wick has been designing small, personal roleplaying games for conventions, friends and family. And now, a complete collection of these games is available for the first time. The Big Book of Little Games!

The Big Book contains over 250 pages of both new games and revised editions of out-of-print classics. Pre-Orders will close when we make the book order the first weekend in December. Your books will ship a couple weeks later.

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FINALLY! The Big Book of Little Games!

One thought on “FINALLY! The Big Book of Little Games!

  • Is there any chance the entire Big Book of Little Games will come to DriveThruRPG? I would like to have it, but a single file version would be preferable to me than dozens of smaller files.

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