What if the world died yesterday? What if the world died yesterday and was completely reborn?
What if the world died yesterday and was completely reborn and you were the only one who noticed?
And what if you could pull skills and abilities and even powers from the old world and use them in this new world?

The Flux is the first "little game" from The Big Book of Little Games. It is a "meta-rpg" that gives you the tools to Flux between RPG worlds and retain your characters.

Fantasy to Science Fiction.
Science Fiction to Pulp Adventure.
Pulp Adventure to Gothic Horror.
Gothic Horror back to Fantasy.

It is all possible with The Flux.
But be warned. The world may notice you cheating the system. And if it does, it will do its best to get rid of you.

Get ready for The Flux.
It’s later than you think.

Now available for PDF download from JWP.com!

The Flux is Now Available at JWP.com!