A lot of folks I know are Trekkies. My buddy Chris Colbath is nuts for it. Recently, another friend of mine (Dan Waskawatzibah) has started watching Star Trek on Netflix and has begun to get the fever. He asked me, "What kind of system would you use to run a Trek game?"

I thought about it for a moment, and then remembered that I already designed one. A long time ago, I sort-of-designed a semi-hard science fiction RPG I gave the playtest name The Fifth Stat. Each race in the game had four stats–something typical like Strength, Willpower, Education and Charm–but each race had a unique "fifth stat." That fifth state made each race unique.

As soon as Dan asked me, "What kind of system would you use?" I remembered The Fifth Stat and said, "Here's how you do it."

The Fifth Trait
For humans, the fifth stat is "Hope." Mr. Heinig once told me, "The theme of Trek is, 'We're gonna make it.'" And he said it with such conviction, such sincerity, I bought it. I even started watching Deep Space Nine just because of the way Jess said, "We're gonna make it." And thus, for humans, the fifth trait is "Hope."

For Vulcans, the fifth trait is, of course, "Logic."

For Klingons, it's "Pain." For Ferengi, it's "Greed."

For Romulans, it's "Passion."

For Bajorans, it's "Faith."

… and so on. I won't give you the rest–because I plan on making it a real game one day, except without the trademarked stuff that can get me sued–but that's the basics. 

And Jess & Chris, if you guys make it out to Phoenix, I'll run it. I love you guys. The best gift I can give for my friends is games.

This one's yours.

My Star Trek System
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