I hope you can read the sincerity in my words. I hope you can hear my concern.

I tell you now–without any artifice or intrigue–that I had no hand in the murder of your lover, the Baron V. I had plans for him, but your purge of the servants put them off.

Ismene, the sabotage on your horse’s saddle must have been meant for you.

Also, my spies have found your courier. He was on the edge of your land, his throat cut. The edge was too clean for a mundane blade. A bloodsword made the cut.

My sister, someone has declared you an enemy.

I have suspicions as to whom it may be, but the Senate is in recess–I cannot reach my contacts.

You know what to do. I am sending my personal guard to escort you to my castle. Do not be proud. Do not be foolish. Accept their help.


I remain yours,



A Game of Tears — Part 19
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