Translated from the original ven, A Game of Tears is a novel of epistolary murder. One of the most controversial ven pillow books, it tells the story of two siblings playing a deadly game of seduction and deceit.

After the HotB Live Action event (on Saturday night, 8:00 PM), Rachel and I will be throwing a book party. Come to OrcCon 2010, play in the Larp and stick around to pick up your own copy of the book, signed by the authors.

A Game of Tears was beautifully designed by Jessica Kauspedas, including stunning layout and new illustrations.

The book includes a whole ton of extras:

  • Missing letters from Tomas, Ismene, Shajar and Kasanna
  • Excerpts from A Symphony in Yellow, an opera that may (or may not) be the original inspiration for the pillow book
  • Character sheets for both Ismene and Tomas
  • Two essays on the historicity of Ismene and Tomas Yvarai
  • And more!

If you like, you can read the preliminary translations here.

Game of Tears Release Party at OrcCon 2010!
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