When scholars write about No More Roses (one of Shivon Mwrr’s last operas) most call it one of his "mediocre masterpieces." Mwrr wrote it in a time of mourning for his lover, the unamed "Lady V."

His heart broken by grief, Mwrr made three aborted attempts to compose the pieces, finally completing it five years after he began. He wrote, "Finished, and rightly so." It was one of his last pieces before his lost swan song, Shadows and Love.

These tracks are what remains of his original work. Long thought to be a complete Opera, recent researches have discovered Act 3 to be a forgery, leaving us with an incomplete picture of Shivon Mwrr’s masterpiece of tragedy, love and revenge.

The Blood Opera Suite is an atmospheric soundtrack for your Houses of the Blooded game. Over an hour from the long-lost No More Roses opera, The Blood Opera Suite is a perfect sonic weapon for your Houses of the Blooded games.



HotB: The Blood Opera Suite: Available at IPR