We’re celebrating DriveThru’s Christmas in July Sale with 25% off JWP titles—including the 7th Sea Core Rulebook, Nations of Théah Volume 1 and Pirate Nations.

You’ll also find these recent titles on the John Wick Presents publisher page:

Nations of Théah Volume 2

As Théah’s eastern nations struggle to find their footing, explore revolution and democracy in a landscape where unrest looms in the horizon. Click here to view on DriveThru.

7th Sea Adventures

We’ve published two official 7th Sea adventures, with more to come! Explore war-torn Eisen in The Castle and delve into The Grand Design in The Caliberi Letters.

Explorer’s Society

The 7th Sea community content program is thriving! Try out Sweet Jenny, a gambling card game set in the world of Théah, download the free Wine List, or use Cards on the Table to create new Consequences and Opportunities in your next 7th Sea game.

Game on!

-John & The Crew

Last Day for DriveThru’s Xmas in July Sale
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