Ro and I got up on Saturday morning around 1:00 AM. We got cleaned up, packed up the car and drove to Los Angeles. We arrived around 8:00 AM and met with a friend of mine. He showed us around and I immediately began smiling. I don’t think I stopped smiling all weekend long.

On the drive home, I was still smiling. It was the quickest drive I ever made from Los Angeles to Phoenix. We listened to the audio book version of Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things. The first story, a Sherlock Holmes meets H.P. Lovecraft tale, made me laugh out loud. We left around 4:00 PM and arrived at 11:00 PM.

I had such a wonderful time this weekend. To all the people I met, I owe you so much more than I can say. I cannot wait to tell the world what amazing people you are. 

Thank you, all.

Non Disclosure
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