As some Constant Readers of mine may have noticed, certain characters show up in many of my works. Sometimes, they are completely different iterations and sometimes, just the cosmetics change.

Jefferson Carter showed up twice: once in my old Champions game and then again in my novel, No Loyal Knight

The Grinning Man has made numerous appearances.

I’ve often said that Shara Yvarai from Houses of the Blooded is "Kachiko in training."

William Walker, an old character of mine from a novel I wrote in my late teens, showed up in a Masquerade larp and in Thirty. He also showed up when I was asked to write the history of SAVE for third edition Chill.

And then there’s Lord Strange. More on him another day.

But there’s one character I haven’t had an opportunity to share with the world just yet. He’s a mean motherfucker. Just mean. A cold-blooded professional who will do anything to keep himself outside the long reach of the law. I have to admit, Richard Stark’s Parker had a lot to do with him. I even stole some of Parker’s name. I just jumbled up the letters and called him "Roake."

Like I said, I haven’t had the opportunity to introduce the world to Roake. But tonight, Roake introduced himself to me.

And he scares the shit out of me.

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