Population: 18,024

Resources: fertilizer

Mayor: Venna Rhisal

Defenses: Thirty 1st level fighters, twenty 3rd level fighters, one 10th level fighter, 1 Courage

What began as a small village devoted to raising, taming and selling wolves has become one of the most important towns on the outskirts of Ashcolmb. The founders of the village had high hopes for their wolf trade, but to be honest, they struggled to make ends meet. It wasn’t until a child got lost in the caves west of the village that Wolfgrange’s true destiny was manifest.

A rescue party went into the caves and discovered tons of guano. Literally, piles and piles and piles of the stuff.  The villagers found the child surrounded by a mob of giant bats. Nearby lay the freshly killed corpse of a dead beast. The child told the rescue party that the bats protected him. The leader of the party looked at the largest of the bats and said, “Thank you.” The bat did not respond. He bowed, slightly and the bat screeched at him. Then, the bat and his fellows retreated into the cave.

Over the years, the people of Wolfgrange have made a kind of accord with the bats. They gather the guano, and in return, grow fruit trees for the bats. Vast orchards of cherry trees adorn the landscape in and around Wolfgrange.

The guano the bats provide is rich in nutrients, making it “the best refuse in the Reign!” Wolfgrange sells it to every farmer in the northwest and many “bat merchants” (as they call themselves) make a monthly trek down to Shavay where they sell it to farmers all across the Reign.

Meanwhile, Wolfgrange does maintain a few small wolf breeders. Many have suggested changing the name of the town, but not even the most profitable bat merchants support that motion. “Know where you came from,” says the Mayor, Venna Rhisal. “Besides, the Bat Merchants of Wolfgrange has a ring to it, don’t you think?”

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