Chapin’s Hope

Population: 288

Resources: potatoes, corn, pork and poultry

Mayor: none (see below)

Defenses: Twenty 3rd level fighters, one 10th level fighter

Havar Chapin had a dream: a place where families lived together, worked together, suffered together, and prospered together. He was a retired bard who inspired one hundred farmers and their families to leave the City and come with him to the wilderness. Together, they built homes and farms, turning the untamed land into a rich and prosperous community.

Unfortunately, ten years after they arrived, Havar died. He was only 39 years old. Some say he worked himself to death, unwilling to take medical aid when he needed it, more interested in helping others than himself.

Today, his legacy is this small, thriving farm village. Now a community of nearly 300, Chapin’s Hope has no Mayor. While many look to Havar’s widow for spiritual guidance, the folk of the village vote on every decision for the village.

Chapin’s Hope has only one official: a sheriff who helps maintain safety and security. His name is Jonna “Tall” Wallace, a man standing two heads taller than most men. Wallace is a retired adventurer himself, accompanying Havar those many years ago. He has a small crew of deputies he can call upon for assistance–about ten–but many men and women in the village are capable of fighting, doubling the size of the village’s defenses in a heartbeat.

Estevere Gazetteer: Chapin’s Hope