Stone Bridge

Population: ~3,000
Resources: Lumber, tree sap, syrup
Mayor: Avin Tivon
Defenses: Fifty 1st level fighters, thirty 2nd level fighters, one Courage

Valis Tivon led a small group of explorers to this forested area, hoping to create a lumber company close enough to both Shavay and Vanta. He went north, hoping to avoid any elven complications, but found himself running into trouble with ogres and trolls.

Valis decided to move his camp to an isolated area. It was high and cut off from the rest of the territory by a deep gorge. Together, he and his men built a stone bridge connecting the camp to the forest. One way in and one way out. They filled the gorge with spikes and razor wire, keeping the trolls and ogres at bay.

The plan worked. His community became known as “The Stone Bridge Lumber Company” (or just “Stone Bridge”) and it serves both Vanta and Shavay. Now, Valis’ granddaughter, Avin, leads the company. She employs two Courages to protect the workers. Stone Bridge has to extended sites for lumbering: a “North Camp” and a “South Camp” with a Courage assigned to each.

Stone Bridge is also known as one of the best places in the Reign to get pancakes. Travelers stop on their way from Shavay to Vanta (and back) to eat at “Tivon’s Tavern,” a restaurant built from the founder’s actual home. The place is always full of travelers who have come to try the secret syrup recipe, buying some as they leave to take it home. (A bottle sells for 1 silver, and when served with pancakes, provides a bonus +1 pancake bonus to healing saves until the end of the day. The store usually only has 10 bottles for sale at a time.)

Estevere Gazetteer: Stone Bridge