At the turn of the century

In an abandoned hotel

In the dead darkness of winter

Six actors sit to read a cursed play


Calling the King
 is the second in a series of Call of Cthulhu scenarios all linked by the Yellow Sign.

The Curse of the Yellow Sign scenarios contain no blasphemous books, no monsters, no cultists and no Library Use rolls. Only ordinary humans confronted with the true nature of the universe. They are designed to be played in a single evening with limited preparation and maximum impact, filled with the kind of ruthless game master techniques you’d expect from John Wick.

Calling the King contains:

  • Full map of the hotel
  • 6 pre-generated and illustrated characters
  • Excerpts from Act 1 of The King in Yellow
  • Theories on the ever-mercurial, seemingly shapeshifting play
  • Tons of advice and playtest notes

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Curse of the Yellow Sign, Act 2 Now Available at DriveThruRPG
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