Thank you for joining us at Gen Con 2018!

Important Info

  • Gen Con dates: August 2-5th, 2018

All John Wick Presents Events

To see a complete list of our Gen Con events, click here.


Play Dirty with John Wick, Friday at 12 PM

Join the author of the most controversial and irreverent GM advice books ever written. John Wick takes you on a deep dive into the Play Dirty philosophy, answering questions and giving personalized advice. All attendees also receive a copy of Play Dirty 1 or Play Dirty 2 with their ticket. (Link)

Tabletop Events

We are running tabletop events at Gen Con 2018:

Delicate Delegations

2nd Ed – Is the Mbeyan delegate, with her smile too wide and teeth too sharp, helping the Atabean Trading Company steal our Ori-blessed Sky Metal? Save the Manden summit and cut out these threats. (Link)

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

2nd Ed – In Vodacce, a poisoning isn’t out of the ordinary, unless it’s an Avalonian envoy. And why does a Prince need a heart of a faerie oak, blood from a Syrneth ruin, & a Castillian mad alchemist? (Link)

Khan of Khans

Khitai – Foreign envoys, rival regimes, & common folk alike look to your famous Heros’ leadership, judgment, & daring to restore peace in Shenzhou’s capital, fallen to a Khazar khan’s horde. (Link)

Lotus on the Water

Khitai – The White Lotus Fleet strikes! Their floating fortress & mighty armada dominate the East Sea, threatening the very pillars raising the sky. Only your ragtag pirate band can avert the world’s end. (Link)

Ring Around the Rosy

2nd Ed – Those damn roses impede our path. And that blasted singing, the villagers permanently grinning! Why won’t the faerie let us pass? What rule did we violate? And why do they fear the being called Ashes? (Link)

War & Peace

2nd Ed – To preserve the peace, you must rescue the Dee-ah-noh-see-nah diplomat lost in frozen Iaka:Et’serra, but his hidden agenda threatens to bring war & the Di:Kahn’o crashing down all around you. (Link)

All of the above tabletop events are available at:

  • Thursday at 10:00 AM
  • Thursday at 2:00 PM
  • Thursday at 6:00 PM
  • Friday at 10:00 AM
  • Friday at 2:00 PM
  • Friday at 6:00 PM
  • Saturday at 10:00 AM
  • Saturday at 2:00 PM
  • Saturday at 6:00 PM
  • Sunday at 10:00 AM

LARP Events

All LARP players should fill out this form by July 27, 2018.

We are running two LARP events at Gen Con 2018:

The Sarmatian Funeral, Thursday at 6 PM

Set in the Sarmatian Commonwealth after the events of Gen Con 2017! This game is fully self-contained, with no need to have played in previous events.

In the face of a united Eisen, Ussura’s rogue General Winter has turned his eye on the Sarmatian Commonwealth. With the threat of war looming, the nation is dealt a mighty blow with the death of their ailing king, Stanisław I. After a week of mourning and festivities, the Sejm votes on their new ruler. Will it be Aleksy, the man lovingly referred to as Stanisław II, or his ruthless mother, Queen Consort Małgorzata who holds sway over the Senat. You’ve been invited to the funeral, and now is the chance to exercise sway over the fate of the Sarmatian Commonwealth, and possibly stop a great war from breaking out.

This session is the first in a series of two LARPs set in the world of 7th Sea. There is no need to play in the following session to gain the full enjoyment out of this session, but the story doesn’t end here. Check out the continuing action at 7th Sea: The King is Dead. (Link)

The King is Dead, Saturday at 6 PM

Set in the Sarmatian Commonwealth after the events of Gen Con 2017! This game is fully self-contained, with no need to have played in previous events.

The old king of the Sarmatian Commonwealth, Stanisław I, has died. In the wake of his death, the nation is caught up in a power struggle between his son, Aleksy Novak, and his estranged wife, Queen Małgorzata Domagała. Aleksy is a favorite of the people, but his villainous mother seeks the throne for her own and will do anything she can to seize it. You play Heroes in town for the king’s funeral. The entire fate of the nation rests on the Sejm’s vote and ensuring any candidates running against Queen Domagała survive until the vote is settled.

This session is the second in a series of two LARPs set in the world of 7th Sea. There is no need to have played the previous session to gain the full enjoyment out of this session. (Link)



How are you handling characters?

In mid-July, we will send a survey to everyone who is signed up for the events. You will be able to select preference on your Hero’s Nation and Backgrounds. We cannot guarantee that you will get everything you ask for, so we don’t end up with 50 duelists in the game, but we will do our best to accommodate your most favored or least favored choices. Hero sheets will be sent to registered players two weeks before Gencon. If you have no preference either way, you will be able to indicate this on your survey.

We will have pre-generated Heroes for anyone who does not sign up within the above mentioned time frame. After Heroes are sent out, you will no longer be able to have as much influence on the type of Hero you play.

How should I costume for this larp?

Both larps are set in the Sarmatian Commonwealth which is the 7th Sea version of Poland. You may dress as high class or low class as you want. While we encourage everyone to costume to add to atmosphere, we do not engage in shaming if your costume is not elaborate or fully period. We want everyone to be comfortable and have fun, those are our main priorities. For the most part, you can assume you will be allowed to play a Hero from whichever Nation you fancy the most, so you can safely costume for that accordingly.

What kind of larp is this? 

7th Sea uses a parlor style of larp with some freeform and immersive elements. For the most part, players do not have to perform the actions their Heroes may take, but are encouraged to act out a scene if at all possible. Contact-safe weapons will be available for those who wish to engage in a mock-duel, but they are not required in any way. These engagements must be fully consensual between all parties.

Some adventures the Heroes engage in may have immersive elements such as props and items to touch and manipulate. We utilize a what you see in front of you, is what is actually there mentality for as much of the game as we can muster. In some cases, we cannot provide physical representations for everything your Hero may be engaging with, and in those cases, we will describe the scene to help with your imagination.

What about the rules?

Most of the rules for the 7th Sea larp are based on player mediation in which players mediate actions between themselves. Actions against NPCs utilize an expendable Skill system that work similarly to spending Raises in the table top game. We will provide materials and explain the rules in detail at the beginning of each game session.