“Intrigues” for Houses of the Blooded

‎"Intrigues" is a new set of rules for Houses of the Blooded. They are part of the HotB Companion that will be released soon. I'll be releasing subsequent chapters periodically until the book/pdf is released.

One of the reasons I'm sharing them is to get your feedback. I'm interested in what you have to say. Read through them and if someone suggests a change I like, I'll probably put it in the book.

Check 'em out!

Houses of the Blooded: Blood & Shadow

Some call it the Million Spheres. Others call it the Worlds of Shadow. Me? I call it the Cosmic Playground. It’s a bit less pretentious. But only a bit.

I was born out here. Born in the Worlds Beyond Worlds. I don’t remember it, of course, but my mom tells me it was a painful process. Apparently, I was reluctant.

I never knew my father. Mom wanted it that way.

She took me to places where I could learn to be what I needed to become. A child of the Blood. I learned how to fight and fence in a World where gunpowder was never discovered. I learned how to use sorcery in a world where technology never took off. I learned how to watch and I learned how to listen and I learned how to murder. She told me that last skill was the most important. “If you don’t learn how to kill,” she told me, “they’ll kill you first.”

I asked her who would want to kill me.

“The Blooded,” she told me. “Your kin.”

She also taught me about Mirrors. I learned the Mirrorwalk: moving between Worlds. To teach me a lesson, she left me on a World with no Mirrors and a book that taught me how to make them. I was there for two years learning how to get out of that place. I hated it. I hated her. But when I found her again—in a park where we used to picnic—all that hatred melted away. I could never stay angry with her for long.

But no matter where I went—to whatever World I Mirrored to—I always felt as if something was missing inside me. Something… perhaps something I had lost. No. It was something I had never found. Something I could never find.

Finally, when I was old enough, she brought me to the place where she was born. It was time for me to be introduced to the court.

The castle was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. So tall, the towers scraped the clouds. There was music and flowers and blue skies. I was crying. Something inside me told my heart that I had found that something I was missing. I was home.

Mother told me that only those who knew where it was could find it. Now that she had taken me here, I could find it again. She also told me that I had to be careful. “They will try to kill you,” she told me. I asked her who. “The Blooded,” she told me. “Your kin.”

Servants greeted us at the castle. They looked like they stepped out of a storybook. The servants walked us to our rooms. When we reached mine, she thanked the servant and he left us alone. Then, she told me the rules.

“You may not kill any of the Blooded without a proper declaration of Revenge,” she told me. “That won’t stop them from trying to murder you, but it is a hindrance. So, try your best not to offend your uncles, aunts and cousins.”

I told her I was a swordsman. I was a sorcerer. I knew the ways of Mirrormagic and poisons. I was not afraid.

She slapped me. “I have not been so careful to have you throw away your life on such foolish pride!” And then, she looked at me, her eyes alive with an angry fire. “Do you not think others have done the same? They had centuries to practice. To train. You haven’t even seen your second decade! Do not underestimate them,” she told me. “They will kill you if they can.”

That was when I asked the question I never asked before. “Why do they want to kill me?”

She smiled at me. She caressed my hair. Hair like a crimson sunset, the same as hers. She kissed me. “They want to kill you,” she said, “because you are like them. Blooded. And they will kill you if they can.”

Later, I descended the stairs into a banquet hall. They were all there. Waiting for me. The men were powerful. The women were beautiful.

They all looked at me. Some of them smiled. Others glared. A few gave me looks a cousin should never see come from another cousin. And as I looked into their eyes, I saw that my mother was right.

They all wanted to kill me.

Limited Edition Blood & Tears: Live Action Houses of the Blooded

 I have about fifteen copies left of the first print run of Blood & Tears: Live Action Houses of the Blooded.

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Blood & Tears: Now Available at DriveThruRPG!

Blood & Tears: Live Action Rules for Houses of the Blooded is now on sale at DriveThruRPG! Just $5!

Blood & Tears
is the live action system for John Wick’s critically acclaimed Houses of the Blooded roleplaying game.

It includes rules for the guza’dun: the ven parlor game. Equal parts dinner party, improvisational theater, historical re-enactment and always an opportunity to make trouble.

And the ven never turned down an opportunity to make trouble.

These are the rules for live action Houses of the Blooded. And you have never played a live action game like this before.

Blood & Tears includes:
Transferring table-top characters to live action characters with no mechanical changes
Using Style instead of dice
Both Friendly Game and Cut-Throat Game modes
Tons of player and Narrator advice