7th Sea Adventure: Delicate Delegations

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Ifri has long been a land of extremes – beauty and malice, power and treachery, passion and indifference. As the land and its people thrived, the malignant presence known as Bonsam couldn’t be extinguished; they waited in the shadows and ensnared the hearts of the power-hungry, the helpless, and those who could be swayed for a price. As Bonsam and their followers, known as Abonsam, slowly contaminated the world and hearts of Ifrians with evil, a more urgent threat came from the far-off land of Theah in the form of the Atabean Trading Company.

With opportunities for trade and great wealth at its disposal, the Atabean Trading Company wiled its way into positions of influence among the leadership of Ifrian nations. The Atabean Trading Company has enslaved many Ifrians – offering no hope of salvation, particularly in the country of Mbey, where its leader has fallen to darkness and the nation is overwhelmed by corruption.

Manden has rejected the form of chattel slavery practiced by the Atabean Trading Company, but the company’s tendrils stretch far and wide, and its representatives walk among the populace. The Kurufaba Summit helps Manden and its neighbors stand strong against the dark influences that would compromise the wellbeing of Ifri and her many people, and plan for the future.



7th Sea Adventure: Delicate Delegations


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