7th Sea Adventure: The East is Red

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The relationship between the nations of Théah and the remnants of the former Aztlan Empire has long been balanced on a knife’s edge, their tentative peace enforced by the mighty hands of the Aztlan gods

But that could all be on the verge of swift change. On the galleon Nuestra Señora de la Mañana, during a recent diplomatic summit with the leaders of the Nahuacan Alliance, a prominent ambassador perished in a spectacular manner—his face spontaneously combusted during a speech, boiling his brain and killing him instantly! Suspicions turn to the only one capable of wielding such power, the Great Speaker of the Nahuacan Alliance, known to be a conduit to the Gods themselves.

But the Speaker is innocent, and it will take true Heroes to uncover the truth behind the ambassador’s death, especially as the foundations of the fragile peace begin to unravel around them…


The East is Red is a 7th Sea adventure that takes place in the exciting New World!

7th Sea Adventure: The East is Red


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