7th Sea Adventure: The Water Lyre

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Nikandros, professional scoundrel and scourge of the commonfolk, has surfaced after an absence with a strange Syrneth artifact–a lyre with seven strings of water instead of animal gut. Kept secret, no one knows what the so-dubbed water lyre does or just how powerful it is. Terrible rumors swirl, but a chance to settle them has arrived. Nikandros is hosting a gala at his estate in Montaigne where he will auction off the water lyre. Most people know they should be wary, but curiosity besting caution guest after guest.

Nikandros hoards his trophies, he doesn’t sell them. For some reason, though, the water lyre is different. Some say the water lyre’s only magic is in its strings, but others claim it can sway minds when played. No one saving a missing archeologist has studied the lyre up close, so no one is certain. The potential power and harm are certainly great and, in the wrong hands, catastrophic.


The Water Lyre is an exciting and vast adventure that involves intrigue, espionage, bribery and adventure!

7th Sea Adventure: The Water Lyre


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