7th Sea Adventures: Natural Law

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In the Crescent Empire, science and technology advance at a rate seldom matched anywhere else in Terra, and the discoveries that Imperial scholars make on a regular basis border on the extraordinary.

One such discovery has the potential to turn the world upside down—a complex mathematical for- mula that, when applied correctly, can predict what a subject will do given any set of situational parameters. The scientist who made the discovery is now poised to be counted among the most brilliant minds in the Crescent Empire and perhaps beyond.

But some do not want such powerful knowledge to spread, and wish to claim the formula for themselves. They have threatened the scientist with the worst fate that can befall an Imperial citizen—familial dishonor, courtesy of the uncouth behaviors of the scientist’s troubled young ward.

Unraveling the tensions in the family and stopping these blackmailers from getting hold of the formula is a task fit for Heroes…

7th Sea Adventures: Natural Law


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