7th Sea: Bone Dice

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You’ll be rattling bones and shiverin’ timbers in no time with this set of 10 custom dice for your next 7th Sea campaign.

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  • 10 custom-printed d10 bone dice
  • 10-side imprinted with skull
7th Sea: Bone Dice

2 reviews for 7th Sea: Bone Dice

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    David Sharkey (verified owner)

    First, I think it’s best to look at this link which is a picture taken of the dice, followed by the proof JWP posted of the dice.

    I found the discrepancies disappointing. Two bones of contention (sorry):

    1. The pattern/colours. The proof looks like bone dice, off-white with faint marbling and what I was expecting. What was received looks like caramel ice cream. I don’t know if this was intentional. If not, perhaps the brown colour wasn’t mixed through well enough, or appears in too high a concentration? Whatever, it’s not the same, and not even close.

    2. The skull. There’s one number on a D10 that is special in 7th Sea – it’s the 10, or the 0. It can explode! It’s a raise! In the proof, the skull *was* the 0. Now, it’s the 1. I can understand why that may have been changed – but I can’t agree with it. There’s no fumbles, really, in the dice rolling system in 7th Sea 2E, so it’s hardly any worse than rolling a 2. And it’s changing something that was, in many respects, part of the advertised product.

    So, 2 stars. 1, because they’re functional dice and 1 because it has a piratey skull on it. -2 for the changes, intentional or otherwise and -1 because they just don’t look like bone dice.

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    Andre Berzins de Negreiros

    Looks cheap. Not colored as bones at all. Different from what was promised. And David got all strong points in his review up there ^, which I totally agree. Meh. Go for chessex dice instead…

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