7th Sea: Bone Dice

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You’ll be rattling bones and shiverin’ timbers in no time with this set of 10 custom dice for your next 7th Sea campaign.

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  • 10 custom-printed d10 bone dice
  • 10-side imprinted with skull
7th Sea: Bone Dice

3 reviews for 7th Sea: Bone Dice

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    David Sharkey (verified owner)

    First, I think it’s best to look at this link which is a picture taken of the dice, followed by the proof JWP posted of the dice.

    I found the discrepancies disappointing. Two bones of contention (sorry):

    1. The pattern/colours. The proof looks like bone dice, off-white with faint marbling and what I was expecting. What was received looks like caramel ice cream. I don’t know if this was intentional. If not, perhaps the brown colour wasn’t mixed through well enough, or appears in too high a concentration? Whatever, it’s not the same, and not even close.

    2. The skull. There’s one number on a D10 that is special in 7th Sea – it’s the 10, or the 0. It can explode! It’s a raise! In the proof, the skull *was* the 0. Now, it’s the 1. I can understand why that may have been changed – but I can’t agree with it. There’s no fumbles, really, in the dice rolling system in 7th Sea 2E, so it’s hardly any worse than rolling a 2. And it’s changing something that was, in many respects, part of the advertised product.

    So, 2 stars. 1, because they’re functional dice and 1 because it has a piratey skull on it. -2 for the changes, intentional or otherwise and -1 because they just don’t look like bone dice.

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    Andre Berzins de Negreiros

    Looks cheap. Not colored as bones at all. Different from what was promised. And David got all strong points in his review up there ^, which I totally agree. Meh. Go for chessex dice instead…

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    simon crafter

    i am giving them 4 stars as i think the other 2 reviewers are being overly critical, yes they are different to what was advertised in the Kickstarter but that is not a review of the dice themselves more a review of the Kickstarter and the teams communication about the product.

    they are dice there as well made as any others they look good in my opinion and the skull is cool. Are they true bone colour no but they are an approximation and they are easy to read so its all good. the only reason to not give them 5 stars imho is the price.

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