Houses of the Blooded


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Ambition. Lust. Revenge. You cannot have one without the others.

Thousands of years ago, the ven ruled the world. They were a passionate people, obsessed with Romance and Revenge, opera and theater, and all the forbidden delights their decadent culture provided. In the end, that which made them beautiful was also the key to their own destruction.

Houses of the Blooded is a game about tragic obsession. Set in the fantastic world of ven myth and legend, players take the roles of powerful characters bent on conquering their world, destroying their enemies and possessing all they desire.

The Standard Edition version of the game includes:

  • Systems for The Duel, Warfare, Romance, Revenge and Art
  • A huge Narrator chapter, filled with advice for new and experienced game masters
  • “Seasons”: a system for long-term goals usually absent in most fantasy roleplaying games
  • Both “friendly game” and “cut-throat” modes for players who enjoy a quiet game with friends and those who love destroying their favorite enemies.

Welcome to the world of the ven.

Houses of the Blooded

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