The Grand Design, Chapter 1: The Caliberi Letters


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The War of the Cross nearly destroyed Théah. In the end, nearly eight million people died. But what many do not know is the secret reason behind the War…

Written by John Wick, The Caliberi Letters is the first part in a series of adventures called The Grand Design, which reveals this secret truth to your Heroes. What begins at a wake for a friend—Magda Müller—turns into a desperate chase to expose the Villains who burned Théah to the ground for their own personal gain.

You can play this adventure with Heroes from any Nation, although a Hero with Hexenwerk can provide an advantage when it comes to dealing with the dead.

This adventure includes:

  • TWO possible outcomes based on player choices
  • Player handouts
  • GM advice
The Grand Design, Chapter 1: The Caliberi Letters


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