The Grand Design, Chapter 2: Montaigne Blood


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The War of the Cross nearly destroyed Théah. In the end, nearly eight million people died. But what many do not know is the secret reason behind the War…

This is the second chapter of THE GRAND DESIGN, a multi-part campaign that leads your Heroes toward the dark and terrible secret of the War of the Cross. In this chapter, the Heroes receive a mysterious request: protect a Montaigne noble from assassination. Seems simple enough…until they discover what kind of man they’re protecting.

Written by John Wick, creator of 7th Sea, Montaigne Blood is an adventure of breath-taking adventure, harrowing escapes and hard moral choices.

This adventure includes:

  • 3 possible assassins for your players to foil
  • In game props
  • GM advice from the creator of the game.
The Grand Design, Chapter 2: Montaigne Blood


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