Wicked Fantasy Companion


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The Wicked Fantasy Companion is a massive addition to any Wicked Fantasy or Pathfinder campaign. At over 300 pages, it includes:

The Courage of Tamyn Taval

A novella set in the world of Wicked Fantasy by John Wick

30 New Archetypes, Racial Traits, Alternate Classes and Prestige Classes

3 for each of the 10 races

Love Beyond Death

An epic adventure putting your adventurers against the unique Estevere Lich and Estevere Vampire

Details on “The Uz”

The dreaded Enemy and “The Hassja,” the Whisperind Darkness

Savaged Races

The conversion guide for using Wicked Fantasy in your Savage Worlds game

The Wicked Fantasy Dungeon World Hack

Written by the Authors of Dungeon World

“Broken Bonds”

A short story by award-winning author Matt Forbeck

“Trust Pete’s Mug”

A short story by John Wick

The GM Chapter with tons of advice and tricks from John and Gillian

And More!

Wicked Fantasy Companion

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