Wicked Words #3


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I love gaming magazines. From The Dragon to White Wolf Magazine to White Dwarf Magazine to Pyramid Magazine, the lure of a regular stream of new ideas from game designers I admired and respected was one I always answered.

Wicked Words is my own “house organ” mag that delivers essays, articles, adventures, short stories and just about anything else that hits my fancy. Every issue of Wicked Words is guaranteed to have at least three articles and always includes a new episode of my (in)famous gaming advice column, Play Dirty.

If you want to get a subscription (and pay only $2.99 instead of $3.99), you can click here!

This time around, Wicked Words includes:

  • Our standard Play Dirty column, providing you with unorthodox GM advice. This time, I’m getting on the other side of the table! I had the opportunity to play with Shane Hensley (of Savage Worlds and Deadlands fame) and I had a blast. You can read more about the experience on page 3.
  • Next, over on page 7 is a special request short story from one of our subscribers. Yes, I take requests. It comes to us from the world of Secret (remember last issue?) and tells a tale of betrayal within the Circle.
  • And then on page 11 we have Unnamable, a Call of Cthulhu heartbreaker. Cute little game… if you like bloodshed and sanity loss.
  • And then! on page 15, we another short story. This one is called The Lovecraft Game. You can guess the subject matter…
  • AND THEN! on page 23, have the third part of a three- part series for Houses of the Blooded fans. It’s the third chapter of the Slumming Sourcebook. Here, we take a look at how to rule the City! If you don’t own a copy of HotB, don’t worry, you can get it from this link. I’ve set it up as a Pay What You Want product, so download it for free if you like, then if you enjoy it, drop us a few pennies for our effort, eh?
  • AND THEN!!! I’ve shared with you may April 1st RPG for 2014. Crack a beer or open a bottle of whiskey and enjoy.
Wicked Words #3


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