Wicked Words #4


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I love gaming magazines. From The Dragon to White Wolf Magazine to White Dwarf Magazine to Pyramid Magazine, the lure of a regular stream of new ideas from game designers I admired and respected was one I always answered.

Wicked Words is my own “house organ” mag that delivers essays, articles, adventures, short stories and just about anything else that hits my fancy. Every issue of Wicked Words is guaranteed to have at least three articles and always includes a new episode of my (in)famous gaming advice column, Play Dirty.

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This time around, Wicked Words includes:

  • Our standard Play Dirty column, providing you with unorthodox GM advice. This issue is Part 2 of the “Other Side of the Screen” series. I got to play in a Weird Wars Rome game run by Shane Hensley. It was a ton of fun. This time, we come to the conclusion of the game and take a look at some of the things Shane did to make the game… interesting.
  • Next, over on page 6, we have a Story Engine Q&A. I answer a few questions we got about The Story Engine and how GMs can use it.
  • Then, on page 7, we have Secrets of the Spider, a look at the veiled House of the Spider from Houses of the Blooded. Not only does this article have new Family Aspects and new Suaven, but a new mechanic: Rumors!
  • On page 10, we have the second installment of Return to Orkworld! We talk about cannibalism, black magic and all sorts of fun stuff.
  • On page 13, there’s new Dueling Rules for Houses of the Blooded. They are brand new, the ink is fresh and they need testing. Get to work on it!
  • Page 16 has a new adventure for Cat: A Little Game about Little Heroes. Can you save the animal shelter from evil boggins?
  • And finally, Jill presents the Lliosgad, elves who have lost their Trees for Wicked Fantasy.
Wicked Words #4


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