Wicked Words #6


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I love gaming magazines. From The Dragon to White Wolf Magazine to White Dwarf Magazine to Pyramid Magazine, the lure of a regular stream of new ideas from game designers I admired and respected was one I always answered.

Wicked Words is my own “house organ” mag that delivers essays, articles, adventures, short stories and just about anything else that hits my fancy. Every issue of Wicked Words is guaranteed to have at least three articles and always includes a new episode of my (in)famous gaming advice column, Play Dirty.

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This time around, Wicked Words includes:

  • Our newest Play Dirty offers GMs a bit of character creation advice that I’ve been doing for years but never quite made any of my games. That’s going to change, trust me.
  • We’ve also got a little morsel from the world of Houses of the Blooded. A little bit about illegitimate children as well as some new Aspects to play with.
  • And then there’s the second of our Savage Worlds mini- campaigns. Atlas is a game world I’ve had in mind for a while and it seemed to fit the high-speed, high-action system that Savage Worlds provides.
  • After that, we take a look at The Temple of the Sacred Harlot, a little game first written a few years ago by a woman who goes by the pseudonym, “Virginia Dare.” She was inspired by HotB and wrote the game after reading it. Just a month ago, she contacted me again and offered me this revised edition.
  • I was so inspired by her game, I wrote a short story to go along with it. Just after Temple, you’ll find “Black Rose Wagers.” Like most ven stories, it does not have a happy ending.
  • Finally, we’ve got the next chapter of Not Dead Yet, our regular comic. Check in to see what our boys are up to, still locked in their 10‘x10’ room.


Wicked Words #6


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