Wicked Words #8


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I love gaming magazines. From The Dragon to White Wolf Magazine to White Dwarf Magazine to Pyramid Magazine, the lure of a regular stream of new ideas from game designers I admired and respected was one I always answered.

Wicked Words is my own “house organ” mag that delivers essays, articles, adventures, short stories and just about anything else that hits my fancy. Every issue of Wicked Words is guaranteed to have at least three articles and always includes a new episode of my (in)famous gaming advice column, Play Dirty.

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This time around, Wicked Words includes:

  • We’ve got the standard Play Dirty episode and this time, not only do I have a pithy anecdote about a game I ran, but I’ve got a video of the game! Head over to page 3 and click on the link and watch the game. Then, when you’re finished, you can read the “behind the scenes” notes in the article. This particular episode of Play Dirty is three times longer than most episodes. That means three times more awesome! Enjoy!
  • Next, we have another episode of Santa Vaca, my vanity hack of the World’s Most Popular RPG. This time around, we take a look at alignment, why it doesn’t work and how we’re going to make it better.
  • After that, we start diving into the Blooded of the Elk. First, a whole bunch of new things for your Elk character. Info on the history of the House, the families, new Aspects, rules for Contracts, the Elk Sword and a whole ton of new stuff.
  • Then, we’ve got something very interesting. Recent research at the Shanri Research Institute has uncovered a version of the Elk Blooding Ritual. Myself and others performed this ritual at the HotB Live Action Event, complete with huge chess board and actors in the roles. I’ve transcribed the ritual (despite some damaged pages) for your use.
  • To finish off the Elk, I have a brand new character creation feature called “Chance and Fate.” Check it out. I’m looking for suggestions to expand the section, so if you have any, just let me know. This is the part of the magazine I’m honestly looking for help with, so if I get enough, I’ll re-edit the charts and send them back at you guys.
  • Lastly, we have have the latest episode of … Not Dead Yet! We left the boys on a cliffhanger last time. Will they survive the… whatever it is? Time to find out!
Wicked Words #8


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