New Feat! d20 Fans, Please Review (and feedback)

 Tactical Genius

Requirements: 14 Int, Leadership Feat


You may target another combatant before he uses his action. That character must make a Reflexes check at DC 10 + your level + your Int Modifier. If they fail, you may take your action before theirs in the initiative.

Let’s try this instead. Tactics is about limiting your opponent’s choices. So, let’s work on that.

Target one opponent in a combat at the beginning of combat. That opponent may only make one action this round. Any bonus actions are cancelled.

Wicked Fantasy in Kobold Quarterly #11

Wicked Fantasy is a series of articles I’m co-writing with Jess ( ) Heinig. It’s a different look at the classic D&D races. Elves, dwarves, halflings, etc. all done "John Wick Style."

The series begins in Kobold Quarterly #11. 

It’s been a lot of fun writing with Jess. I handle about 90% of the concept and Jess tackles about 90% of the mechanics. This means, I tell Jess, "I want it to work like this," and Jess says, "No you don’t; you want it to work like this," and the suggestion he makes is 90% better than what I wanted. Jess also throws little ideas in with his mechanics that I have to find room for in the write-up. 

And I can hear you asking now… what race will John and Jess tackle first?

Let’s just say, I hope to make Jared a very happy man.

(Logo provided by the ever-amazing Aaron Acevedo.)