8: The Mormon Proposition

To my Mormon friends, I will ask the question I always do. 

Your own holy book makes a claim for polygamy. The United States put laws into place specifically to deny you that right.

I’ll say that again: the United States made laws to deny Mormons the right to marry as their religion demanded.

And I want to make this as clear as possible: I believe the United States acted wrongly in doing so. I want my Mormon friends (and other Mormons) to live the lives they want without the government interfering with their happiness.

That is why Proposition 8 so disturbed me. It also makes me very angry. The fact that the Mormon church–members of which suffered from government intrusion into their human rights–so supported Proposition 8: a law that took away the right to marry from a minority. Just as the same laws did to them.

If you are a Mormon and you support any law that defines the religious/secular institution of marriage, you should be ashamed of yourself.

You want to marry someone of your own sex? You should have that right.

You want to marry 3 women? You should have that right.

You want to marry twenty men? You should have that right.

Just as long as all participants are willing participants, there is no crime.

The only reason–THE ONLY REASON–Ro and I got married was because of my health conditions. I didn’t want her going to the hospital, saying, "No, I’m not a relative" and getting turned away.

Everyone should have the same rights as Ro and I. 


Shame. Shame. Shame.

Vote Small, Think Big by Pat Condell

A message from across the pond that’s all too relevant over here in the colonies.

My liberal friends think I’m a conservative. My conservative friends think I’m a liberal.

Nope. I view political parties like I view religions. They’re fucking scary.

("We have two parties in America: the pro-life corporate party and the pro-life corporate party." — Aaron Sorkin)