Richard Stark’s Parker

The ones in bold I own and have read. The ones in italics I neither own nor have read. The italic ones have been out of print and only available to those willing to spend money on them.

Recently, all the books have been re-printed. I’m slowly acquiring the entire collection.

If you are a fan of crime fiction, I highly suggest picking them up. Parker is one of the very best characters in all of noir. An unforgiving, inventive man for whom the term "hard boiled" seems to have been invented.

1. The Hunter (I have the graphic novel, too)
2. The Man With the Getaway Face
3. The Outfit
4. The Mourner
5. The Score
6. The Jugger
7. The Seventh
8. The Handle
9. The Rare Coin Score

10. The Green Eagle Score
11. The Black Ice Score
12. The Sour Lemon Score
13. Deadly Edge
14. Slayground
15. Plunder Squad
16. Butcher’s Moon

17. Comeback
18. Backflash
19. Flashfire
20. Firebreak
21. Breakout
22. Nobody Runs Forever
23. Ask the Parrot
24. Dirty Money

Iron Man 2

I would like to know which unit of measurement we are employing to determine that the first movie is "better" than the second one.


I liked this one as much as I did the second. I suspect much of my enjoyment came from being an old school Shel-Head fan.

  • The meta acknowledgment of replacing actors for the James Rhodes character.
  • The "object" that randomly shows up while Stark "re-discovers" vibranium.
  • Stark re-discovering vibranium.
  • And the teaser at the end. I nearly jumped out of my chair.

I liked it as much as the first. Maybe even more.