Gods & Alignments

(from a bit of writing for Secret Project…)

I’m going to steal a line from the wonderful folks at Paradigm Concepts. (If you dig fantasy rpgs, you should check them out. www.paradigmconcepts.com)

Here’s the line: “Gods don’t have alignments; men do.”

I like that sentiment. Coupled with the fact that I usually ditch alignment (as I said in Chapter 1), the gods here do not have alignments. Gods should be above such petty and mundane definitions. They’re gods, after all. But, if you feel it necessary to pin alignments on such entities, please feel free to do so.

Oh, and the next time we meet, just let me know what Odin’s alignment is. Or Zeus. Or even Quetzalcoatl. Heck, I’m really curious to see what alignment you’d slap on the God of the Old Testament. I’m sure any such discussion would be a hootenanny.

Sexcraft: A Little Game with a Lot of Sex

The April release for the Big Book of Little Games is here!

There is a kind of magic in the world that no one speaks about. It can sway the hearts of men and women, control their every thought and deed.

It has mastered kings and brought down nations. And yet, it is so subtle, its power is nearly invisible.

And the magic is sex.

Sexcraft is a Little Game with a Lot of Sex. It is a meta-game (much like The Flux) that you can place over any other roleplaying game.

It is a game for consenting adults.

Also includes the d20 Prestige Class: The Sexcraft Witch!

File includes PDF and ePub formats.

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