The Kaufman/Lawler War

Since the release of Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for the Wii (and mnight‘s subsequent conversion to Wrestling Fan), I’ve been spending my long Sundays at the Help Desk looking up old wrestling video clips on Youtube. There’s a lot of them. Growing up in Georgia, I had access to AWA, WCCW, NWA, WWWF and all the rest. I watched the premier of the Macho Man, the rise and fall of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, the Von Erichs, Rick Flair, the Four Horsemen… and Andy Kaufman.

After watching Raw for the last fifteen years, it’s hard to remember just how much of a great heel-killer Lawler was. That guy on Raw is a clown. Jerry "the King" Lawler was a bad ass. Like Hogan, Lawler had limited skills, but was hot on a mike. Unlike Hogan, Lawler also had a great understanding of wrestling psychology. So did Andy Kaufman.

Later, Lawler would say he learned more about psychology from his brief feud with Kaufman than all his years in wrestling. I miss Andy, but I also miss the King of Memphis Wrestling.