Paizo Writing Project, Part 1

The Enemy (Sean K. Reynolds) asked me to write a scad of NPCs for an upcoming Pathfinder sourcebook. I asked for as many as I could get, and as it turned out, he gave me a whole lot of them.

So, rather than get overwhelmed by the notion of having to come up with a bunch of NPCs, I decided to make it a challenge for myself.

First, each one will be a different alignment. And not just that, but I’m going to drive each one to its logical conclusion… at four hundred miles an hour with no brakes.

Second, I’m going to give each one of them a theme song. I have the song on while I do all the mechanic writing (for which, Paizo offered an Excel spreadsheet; boys, if your game system requires an Excel spreadsheet to just make a character… well, nevermind).

And while I can’t actually say anything about the characters I’m making, I’m pretty sure I can give the alignment and the song.

(And Enemy o’ Mine, these are in the order that I’m sending them to you.)

Now part of my plan is that Sean is really the only one who will understand the full context of the song and the character. This pleases me that I may reveal a secret to my Enemy and know that the secret cannot be told to anyone else, thus causing my Enemy great pleasure and great pain all at once.

But, at least, you get to enjoy some music you may not have heard before.

So, the first. Neutral Evil. With a really sick, fucking twist.