A Teaser from Play Dirty 2: Even Dirtier

Try building Batman in any superhero game. Include all his skills, contacts, wealth, the Batmobiles (he always has at least three), the gadgets, the mansion, the faithful butler, the detective skills, the physical combat training and the Batcomputer. And don’t forget Robin and Oracle and Commissioner Gordon and any other ally he has to find a way to pay for. That includes the Justice League, by the way.

Batman is a damn expensive character. He’s hyper competent. He stopped a whole damn Martian invasion by himself. He represents hundreds—if not thousands—of experience points. But, for some reason, writers find compelling ways to get him into trouble. Is it because they’re taxing his physical skills? No. Is it because the present him with puzzles he can’t overcome? No. Is it because they take away his Batcave and Batmobile and Batcomputer? No.

It’s because Bruce Wayne made a promise over the grave of his dead parents. And screwing with that promise is the way to screw with Batman.

The Tuscon RPG Guild Gamemaster’s Conference

Arizonians – or those close enough to visit – have a unique opportunity to attend what may well be the first Gamemaster’s Conference in the history of the hobby!

Registration: 11:30-noon
Location: Columbus Library at 4350 E. 22nd Street, Tucson

Duration: Sessions run from noon to 4:45, and are organized in short (15 to 50 minute) bursts, to allow maximum topic coverage.

Admission: Free – Lunch not provided

Additional information can be found through the Tucson RPG meetup group site.

Another Gamemaster’s Conference-type session will be at RinCon in October and the next "stand alone" conference is tenatively scheduled for Spring 2010. 

Schedule and Brief Summary of Presentations

11:30 – noon – Registration. 
11:55 or so – Introductory Remarks – Jason Corley

12:00-12:25 – Berin Kinsman (of unclebear.com) – Worldbuilding 101

12:25-12:50 – Dave Martin (of the Wrecking Crew White Wolf demo team) – Compelling NPC Design

12:50 – 1:00 – Break

1:00-1:50 – John Wick (megacelebrity and hero to the masses) – Topic: Play Dirty

1:50-2:00 – Break

2:00-2:15 – Jim Myers (SAGA Board, Tucson By Night Shared Campaign) – The 3 Cs of Player Rewards

2:15-2:30 – Don Dehm (pulpgamer.com) – Pacing and Player Engagement

2:30-2:45 – Derek Rex (pulpgamer.com) – Topic TBA

2:50-3:00 Break

3:00-3:25 – Jason Corley (best GM in Tucson) – Pressures On The Party – A Campaign Design Technique

3:25-3:50 – Thomas Denagh (SAGA Board) – Low Prep/No Prep Gaming

3:50-4:00 Break

4:00-4:20 – Ron Blessing (The Game’s The Thing) – Topic TBA

4:20-4:45 – Directed Discussion – Topics: What challenges do GMs face in Southern Arizona’s gaming community? What could you share with the GM community? What topics would you like to see covered in greater detail?


Game ID SEM0906072
Gaming Group / Company Robin Laws/John Wick
Title Robin’s Laws vs Play Dirty Death Match!
Description Robin Laws (Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering) and John Wick (Play Dirty) square off in a no holds barred GM vs GM deathmatch! Actually, the two authors team up to give you the best advice on GM tactics, tricks and strategies.
Event Type SEM – Seminar

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