Life AFter Death: The Evidence

Dinesh Souza is a hack. You can do a search for him on Youtube for all his “debates” with folks like Hitchens and Dawkins and others. He uses ad hominem, red herrings and all other kinds of awful debate tactics. He avoids facts like the plague.

Here, he’s pitching his new book about the evidence for the afterlife. He says he has scientific evidence for the afterlife. SCIENTIFIC.

Well, he really doesn’t. He’s got conjecture. That’s a scientific term for “fucking guess.”

He calls upon “near death experiences” as one of his evidences… even though we’ve scientifically proven in controlled situations exactly what causes “NDE”s.

First, Dinesh’s video…

And then, an episode of P&T’s Bullshit about NDEs which gives all kinds of evidence for exactly what happens…

Facilitated Communication

You heard about that guy who’s been in a coma for twenty years that they now believe is conscious?

Watch this video.

There are two things going on here. The first is the neurological testing. I don’t have any way to look at the charts and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to read them, so I can’t comment on that.

But the woman moving his hand around? That’s called "facilitated communication" and it’s bullshit.

When tested properly (by blindfolding the facilitator), what we find is the victim cannot communicate at all. He misses buttons, types gibberish, cannot answer personal questions (that the facilitator would not know) correctly, and otherwise fails.

One such test involved showing an item to the patient and not showing it to the facilitator. Then, the patient and facilitator were instructed to type out what the object was. The study showed a zero percent success rate.


Like I said, there are two things going on here. The first, I’m not qualified to comment on. The second… Jeebus. How does anybody believe this crap? I know the family feels awful and wants to communicate with him in some way, but subjecting yourself–and your injured loved one–to this kind of humiliation is just terrible.

And that woman doing the typing? She belongs behind bars for fraud. Absolutely shameless.