If you haven’t seen my Mekhet custom bloodline, you can check out the Chessmen here.

As a response to both fallentyrant and trekhead ‘s sage wisdom, I’ve adjusted the "On the Board" mechanic thusly:

Devotion: On the Board 
Requirements: Aspex 2, Dominate 2, Obfuscate 2
The Chessmen pepper their language with game metaphors such as “stalemate,” “behind the eight ball,” and “captured pieces,” The most common reference is “on the board.” While kindred scholars have written many opinions about what this phrase actually means, no-one is entirely certain.

In game terms, the Adashari may spend a Willpower Point to be considered "on the board" for the evening (the effect dies at dawn). The benefit of being on the board gives the Chessman "9 again" on any draws involving Allies and Contacts, reflecting the ease with which the Adashari manipulates his pawns. 

However, the Adashari also suffers a penalty for being on the board. Putting himself directly into the Great Game, he puts himself tremendous risk as "10 agains" pulled against him are not limited to only two draws.

An Adashari must decide if he is on the board before the game begins. He may not activate this Devotion during the game.

Adashari: Chessmen (Update)
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