Wednesday, 10:00 PM, Phoenix, AZ

Someone was out to get us.

Driving to the airport,  and I got pulled over by a cop. We were doing 40 in a 25 construction zone. A construction zone, I might add, that had no workers in it. At 9:00 PM. Following the flow of traffic. He asked for our IDs and then let us go with a warning.

Then, we got to the airport. I dropped her off at the curb so we could unload heavy book-laden boxes and I could park. I’ve thrown my back out at Gen Con before and I didn’t want to do it this year. I pulled in to short-term parking, got my laptop bag and waited for the tram to pick me up. That’s when I got this text on my iPhone:


And our adventure began…

Our flight left the ground in exactly one hour. Luckily,  recently had reason to pick up a passport and knew exactly where it was. We were twenty minutes away from home–at best. I told her we’d take care of it. I got out of short-term parking and picked her up, driving like a bat out of hell back to our apartment. Twenty minutes.

She got the passport and we broke many, many speed limits getting back to the airport. To save time, I dropped her off on the curb again and parked in the nearest lot. Not short-term parking. Well, we’d be paying through the nose, but we’d get there.

And then, there was running. With book-laden boxes. I could feel the twinge in my back. I ignored it. I ran.

I got to the ticket counter.  wasn’t there. They told me she already got her ticket and was on her way to the gate. I was relieved.

That was when I realized that when the cop gave us our IDs back, Ro put mine in her purse.

I didn’t have my driver’s license. It was in Ro’s purse.

I ran.

I got to the security checkpoint just as she was crossing it. There was a small issue of the security guards being dicks, but otherwise, I got my ID, I got through the metal detector and we ran for the flight. We arrived just as they were closing the doors, found our seats and collapsed.

We made it.

And in the middle of the flight,  found her driver’s license in the cuff of her jeans.

Gen Con Wrap Up, Part 1
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