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We arrived at 9:00 AM. Got our hotel room. Hired a taxi to get ourselves down to the convention center with our boxes full of books and poker chips. We finally set up in the corner of the Cubicle 7 booth at around 11:00.

Our boothmates notified us that they were very tired of answering the question, "Where’s John and The Shotgun Diaries?"  and I would soon share in that plight.

TSD nearly sold out on Thursday. We had only five left at the end of the day. Houses of the Blooded, also, was going fast. Usually, on Thursday, I have a chance to make a quick round of the room to say hello to everyone. This year, there was no such chance. A horde of people were always at the booth waiting to buy a book, have me sign a book or tell me about their campaign.

(Write a roleplaying game and people will spend hours telling you about their character. Write a GM advice book and people will spend hours telling you about their campaign.)

I got to meet a whole slew of fine folks. The (fucking) Bear (fucking) Swarm (fucking) podcast (fuck) guys were incredibly friendly and generous. And they put up with my (fucking) running gag long after it was (fucking) funny.

But the sales of TSG was what blew me away. People were storming the booth looking for it. I planned on having a few copies left over for friends, but it was gone, baby, gone by the end of Thursday. 

Oh, and the new best place to eat at Gen Con for the gamer on a budget is Noodles and Company. Delicious food for what you’d pay for a burger. Highly, highly recommended.

And being in the Cubicle 7 booth meant I got to answer a lot of questions about the upcoming Doctor Who RPG. I withheld my Discordian temptations and did not just make stuff up, but referred customers to folks who knew the right answers. Although, making stuff up would have been a lot of fun.

Thursday night, instead of going out and having fun,  and I hit the sheets early so we could get a decent night’s sleep. Notes for Next Year: Do not take an overnight flight on Wednesday night and expect to have any kind of coherence on Thursday. I’m pretty sure somewhere in there, I introduced James Lowder as Steve Long.

Also, never ever fly Delta again. Ever.

And never get connecting flights, no matter how much money they save. It just isn’t worth it.

Gen Con Wrap Up, Part 2
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