I first learned how to play the drums when I was fifteen years old. I was playing on someone else’s drum kit until I managed to save up enough to get my own (with a lot of help from my parents).

We tried to put together a set list of songs that would be easy enough for us to play. We decided that each of us would get to pick one song, regardless of whether we liked it or not. The whole point was to learn the song well enough to play it and then if the band liked it, we’d keep it. If we didn’t like it, we’d drop it.

There were four of us. Drums, guitar, bass and vocals. Turned out, each of us loved the three songs the other guys picked and we kept all of them.

We never got to play to a live audience, but we did play the hell out of those songs. And we gave ourselves a name.

"Buster Hymen and the Screaming Genitals."

Is it any wonder we never got a gig…

Here are the four songs we picked. (Guess which one was mine!)

My First Band
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