If you do it yourself, you can’t complain when McCain does…

From Factcheck.org.

A new Obama-Biden ad includes misleading claims about McCain and education spending:

  • It says McCain "voted to cut education funding" and lists five votes. But one was a vote for increased education funding, although for fewer dollars than what Democrats may have wanted. And three others were votes against additional funding, not votes for funding cuts. 
  • The ad says that "McCain’s economic plan gives $200 billion more to special interests while taking money away from public schools." Not exactly. McCain has proposed a one-year freeze on discretionary spending in general. A freeze would mean that funds would not keep pace with inflation and population growth, but no dollars would be "taken away." The $200 billion for "special interests" refers to the cost of McCain’s proposal to reduce the tax rate for all business corporations, not just a few "special" ones.
  • The ad says McCain proposed abolishing the Department of Education. He did once say in an interview that he "would certainly favor" abolishing both the departments of Education and Energy, but he hasn’t pushed for either.
Obama… Obama… Obama…
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